PB & J Creative was established in 2011 to promote my services as a freelance artist. My name is Pam Brettnacher (PB) and for over 20 years I have enjoyed utilizing my illustration and design skills.  For even longer, my husband Joe (&J) has supported my need to be creative and offered his expertise as a former graphic arts teacher.


PB & J, the sandwich, was a family favorite at our home. It is my hope that PB & J Creative will soon provide you with your favorite graphics!


It was early in my education that I recognized a love for art. The concept of communicating a message through visual design was a perfect fit for my interests and Purdue University offered a degree in Industrial Illustration Technology. This major included an array of courses in visual arts and technical drawing. Learning design concepts and drawing techniques provided a wonderful foundation for the upcoming changes in technology. Luckily, my husband was teaching graphic arts in the early 90's so a computer lab was accessible for retraining! I've been utilizing Adobe Illustrator and other creative software for many years now and can't imagine working without digital tools.